Finding solutions for more innovative and creative buildings

Ultra High-rise technology, complex structures, smart buildings connected to their environment, restoration and conversion projects (including heritage-listed properties), eco-design, minimalistic architecture and even positive-energy buildings… For all these challenges, dialogue with architects is the bedrock of setec’s culture, enabling creative technical proposals and methodologies.

Innovative solutions require considerable intellectual flexibility, complete independence, solid skills in every area of the construction industry and high professional standards. This approach opens new doors for integrating sustainable development into projects.

44 M€ G.P. in 2016
1415 projects
45 countries
The local context of the project always encompasses natural and artificial features that represent a genuine potential for enrichment, both for the project and its environment. Building physics applies skills and tools to identify these resources in order to generate qualities and services in terms of usage, performance, ambiences, nuisance reduction and positive impacts.
It contributes to the design of restrained buildings, with low investment, operating and maintenance costs, comfortable to occupy and simple to use. All services rendered to the client and to the future users on the scale of the building, but also of the neighborhood, the town and the region.
Eric Blanc, technical director of the setec bâtiment

Technical expertise, rigor and creativity


Shopping center – Aubervilliers, France

setec has been engaged for over 60 years in the design and implementation of over 10 million sqm as partners of projects where the added value of architectural and technical input is decisive, whatever the scope.

From the highest towers of La Défense to the Beijing Opera or the Grand Louvre, setec’s project management experience includes some of the world’s most architecturally ambitious accomplishments. The rigor and creativity it brings extend to other operations such as the Sky medical center in Cairo, the Morocco Telecom Tower in Rabat, the Tsaritsino palace in Moscow or the Entisar tower in Dubai.

Multidisciplinary skills, a culture of high standards and technical innovation, objective counsel, proximity, shared trust with the architectural world, respect for commitments and partners is the basis for the quality of setec’s interventions in studies, project coordination and project management assistance.

Mixed neighborhoods: promoting quality of life at work and comfortable housing


Issy Coeur de Ville, France

Mixed neighborhoods offer a pioneering model for sustainable living, being conducive to effective energy management.


These mixed blocks are now replacing isolated and single-use buildings. Our teams are actively contributing to their design, participating in research in energy and digital innovation, at the scale of individual buildings, blocks and entire areas.

Juliette Boussard, in charge of calls for tender and bids
Working on the scale of a mixed neighborhood enables us to pool the energies produced by the different building functions. The buildings communicate with each other through their energies to best manage needs. Our approach to mixed neighborhoods is to always improve quality of life and comfort in housing, while leaving the lightest possible energy and environmental footprint.

Building information modeling (BIM): a setec production standard

Palais de justice de Paris - France
Courthouse, Paris


Infrastructure, buildings and cities as a whole… In a context of digital transition, building information modeling (BIM) ensures that every project is implemented with maximum effectiveness and reliability.

Fully integrated into our engineers’ way of working, BIM has become a setec production standard.

Exploring complex geometry

Concours pour l'aéroport de Long Thanh - Vietnam
Long Thanh Airport – Vietnam


The broad scope of complex structures is largely due to its ongoing development in a diverse range of complementary areas: geometric modeling, materials, structural systems, construction methodologies and the development of multidisciplinary integration.

Complex geometric structures explore the limits of possibility by attempting to solve architectural issues synthetically.

As a structural engineer and architect at setec since 2013, I work on building issues that require an intimate knowledge of geometry and multidisciplinary integration. The field of complex structures requires an exploratory approach that constantly challenges everything. setec encourages this.
Vincent Baumann, structural engineer and architect

MacDonald Warehouses, Paris

Following thorough conversion, this former industrial hall will house, over 165,000 sqm, equipment, offices, shops, activities and accommodations.
setec has specialist teams for redeveloping historic and contemporary buildings, covering aspects ranging from technical audits and energy improvement/operating strategies to demolition and recycling.
Gaël Cazamea-Catalan, Energy Manager chez advizeo by setec
Plus que jamais, nous devons reprendre le contrôle de nos consommations afin de réduire notre impact sur l’environnement. Le secteur du bâtiment est le 1er consommateur d’énergie en France, il est de fait un levier d’économie d’énergie primordial. Au sein d’advizeo, notre objectif est de faire faire des économies d’énergie à nos clients, en améliorant la performance énergétique de leurs bâtiments grâce à l’energy management. Consommer moins, consommer mieux tout en garantissant le confort des occupants, c'est la pratique que nous nous efforçons de vulgariser auprès du plus grand nombre pour faire bouger les lignes de l’efficacité énergétique.