Engineers and Citizens answers to the challenges and major transitions of today and tomorrow


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Setec’s expertise meets the challenges ahead.

Our world is experiencing major changes that have a direct impact on our professions, and we have an important role to play.

Climate change and the preservation of the environment requires engineering to react actively: the sector must achieve carbon neutrality in the construction and transport sectors and accompany the resilience of territories in the face of these challenges. Digitalisation is also essential: new technologies and data sciences are profoundly changing the way we operate and exposing our works to cyber-risks, which we need to anticipate.

In 2025, or rather tomorrow, setec will have to adapt their expertise. We will need to have an exemplary command of technical issues and risks, thanks to the talents that accompany us and that are the precious foundation of our engineering. We will also need to establish sustainable profitability: an essential requirement for our employee shareholding model, and to offer employees the opportunity to develop in a challenging way. This is necessary in order to progress and reinvest in future projects.

Higher expectations among our clients

Anne-Marie Choho, General Manager, setec Group

  • #1 Regeneration of existing facilities
  • #2 Transformation of practices
  • #3 Adapting to the decentralisation of stakeholders
  • #4 Low-carbon, decarbonised construction
  • #5 Quality of life in the regions
  • #6 Innovation and competitiveness within the industry
  • #7 Digitalisation of works
  • #8 Assisting with major international projects

Transitions 2025 :
Strategic axes

Leading our ecological, climate and energy transformation

setec is committed to reducing its environmental impact by adopting eco-behaviours and meeting the major challenges of low-carbon construction, carbon-free mobility, territorial resilience and the use of sustainable energy.


Transitions 2025 :
Strategic axes

Achieving our digital transition

The companies of the setec group, which are all involved in innovation, are developing their own digital tools and know how to take advantage of the new collaborative solutions and outsourced IT infrastructures that have emerged.


Transitions 2025 :
Strategic axes

Accelerate & structure our international development

Since the creation of the International Development Department, setec has consistently made this subject a priority, which has resulted in a succession of major export projects, but also in the development, creation or acquisition of companies outside of France


Transitions 2025 :
Strategic axes

Cultivate our talents

Cultivating our talents is an important issue if we are to achieve excellence in 2025 and to deal with the transitions that will impact our professions. We are therefore committed to adapting our training, diversifying our profiles and to participate in increasing the number of women in the engineering professions.

The setec group's Engineers and Citizens approach,

the main theme of this strategic plan

Guided at a Group level by a dedicated team, the Engineers & Citizens approach embodies our values and our commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the day-to-day practice of our professions and our know-how.

This approach has 50 referents worldwide: a network that unites the Group around the fight against climate change and the ecological and social transition, subjects of interest shared by all employees.

The themes highlighted by the Engineers & Citizens approach are expressed in the following key areas #1 (driving our ecological, climatic and energy mutation) and #4 (cultivating our talents). Each employee is a major factor in this transition through their daily implication within the projects, their participation in internal think-tanks and their external contribution (see cultivating our talents, p. 42 to 49).

Learn more about our approach
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Daniela Burla, Director of the Engineers & Citizens initiative, setec Group



Engineers & Citizens
in the Group

A foundation to promote our values

Sponsored by the “Fondation de France”, the setec Foundation is one of the first achievements of our Engineers & Citizens approach. Created in 2020 at the request of the employees, the Foundation's mission is to accompany projects that contribute to the ecological and social transition by providing financial support to non-profit organisations in France and abroad.

Since June 2020, the setec Foundation has supported projects related to the fight against climate change, sustainable construction, and the protection of terrestrial and marine biodiversity, with particular attention to the societal aspect of projects.

A thematic call for projects is launched every year and a Transition Fund allows setec employees to propose projects.

Learn more about our foundation

Marie Hommeau, Coordinator for the setec Foundation


150 000

euros funding
in 2020

220 000

euros funding
in 2021

Major changes are
needed in the global approach
to our projects,
in our behaviour
and our methods.

Our transition will be made through two types of actions: "QUICK WINS” AND MAJOR CHALLENGES. Quick wins are actions we have taken, related to our direct experiences. They are easy to implement through eco-friendly behaviour in several areas: transport, plastic use, purchasing and digital. The major challenges are the five major ongoing challenges related to the performance of our professions: low-carbon design, decarbonised mobility, territorial resilience, sustainable energies and increasing the skills of our employees on these subjects.

100 to 1000x

more carbon impact in our projects than in our engineering activities

Low carbon

In order to limit the consequences of climate change, the French government has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 through the National Low Carbon Strategy, which notably sets targets for the building, transport and industry sectors.

In 2019, setec joined the Engineers Declare initiative and the Syntec-Engineering Climate Charter.

By 2025, we are committed to offering a 360° low-carbon vision, analysing needs and impacts globally and systematically proposing low-carbon construction alternatives at each stage of projects. We also register ourselves as actors in the evolution of our professions by continuing our R&D efforts.

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  • Raising awareness and training employees (climate mural, conferences, training).
  • Publish our Low Carbon Construction manifesto, released in mid-2021, which formalises and details our 3 commitments.
  • Train and equip employees involved in projects concerning the quantification of impacts and eco-design via our 2021 low carbon project guide.
  • Continuously improve this guide, through feedback and contributions from employees.
  • Identify and highlight offers and experimental projects.
  • Propose low-carbon alternatives when launching projects.

Ingrid Bertin, Ecodesign Coordinator, setec Group



of greenhouse gas emissions
are due to the building
and to the construction sector
In France, the construction
sector represents


of energy consumed

Decarbonised mobility

The European Commission set a target of at least 60% reduction in GHG emissions by 2050. The stakes are high and concern vehicles as well as infrastructure, energy but also needs, offers and use of mobility. Decarbonised mobility is also linked to urban planning: urban densification and the distribution of living and working areas have an impact on travel and will require a multimodal approach to transport.

By 2025 setec is committed to:
- Adopting a global technical policy in the field of decarbonised mobility reflected in the manifesto “the decarbonisation of mobilities by setec”

- Propose and deploy decarbonised mobility solutions by participating in innovative projects and experiments and by including proposals in favour of decarbonised mobility in our studies.


  • Gather and secure infrastructures to develop alternative forms of mobility (bicycle lanes, reserved lanes, etc.), and adapting existing infrastructures to new uses.
  • Improve public access to decarbonised mobility through the Mobility as a Service by working on the organisation and consistency of mobility offers and services to their commercialisation.
  • Develop innovative technological concepts on the last kilometre transport segment.
  • Conduct logistic improvements in urban and suburban areas.
  • Promote the local production of natural gas for vehicles and hydrogen from green resources (through waste recovery, recovery of residual energy or surplus electricity production…).
  • Deploy Electrical Vehicle Charging Services (EVCS)..
  • Develop hydrogen ecosystems for community mobilities.

Caroline Cayzac, Project Manager, setec international


become more resilient
in the face
of climate change

The urgency to act is no longer contested, the "resilience of territories" to climate change represents their capacity to anticipate and transform in order to mitigate the effect of crises and to adapt gradually. We consider that there is currently no operational link between the research sector, the State's public institutions (CEREMA, ADEME, etc.) and the local authorities, which are the first to be exposed but are still powerless to deal with the complexity of the issues.

To assist them, setec is committed to building a global offer of support for the territories, based on skills and the network of specialised partners. Our missions will cover: Diagnosis and strategic advice to public actors, mobility transformation, urban and peri-urban decomposition, heat islands, water management, ecosystems and natural environments, energy resources, and finally resource management.

It should be noted that 1/3

of setec’s activities
concerns transport

More than 30%

greenhouse gas emissions
are due to transport in
metropolitan France


  • Produce a manifesto detailing our ambition and the path to achievement.
  • Strengthen our existing expertise and develop the involvement in this "systemic" approach: natural hazards, socio-economic studies of transport, urban planning, transport infrastructure and intelligent transport systems.
  • Develop a strategic advisory service for local authorities and infrastructure managers, using a systemic approach.
  • Develop new expertise in order to accompany the growing maturity of what is now a new market.

Laurent Guérin, Managing Director, setec organisation


Sustainable energy

Our ambition is to become a multi-trade engineering
reference in decarbonised energy, offering innovative solutions
to help combat global warming.

At setec, we do not oppose to renewable energy and nuclear energy, which we believe is the main carbon-free solution available to meet energy needs. Of course, the nuclear industry involves risks that are more effectively controlled as the industry is subject to constant scrutiny by an independent safety authority. This exemplary safety culture is also a constant concern at setec.

Today, setec has a wide range of expertise in the energy field, particularly in the nuclear sector, the recovery of fatal energies and “industrial ecology”, the deployment of renewable energies, heat/cold and gas network infrastructures, The capture and recovery of CO2 and finally on smart grids.

In order to establish setec as a major player in the field of decarbonised energies in an energy mix approach, we wish to focus on two areas of expertise: energy systems engineering, of course, but also project management and assistance as a high value-added consulting partner for our clients.


  • Produce a manifesto detailing our ambition and the path to achievement.
  • Strengthen our existing expertise and develop the involvement in this "systemic" approach: natural hazards, socio-economic studies of transport, urban planning, transport infrastructure and intelligent transport systems.
  • Develop a strategic advisory service for local authorities and infrastructure managers, using a systemic approach.
  • Develop new expertise in order to accompany the growing maturity of what is now a new market.

Stéphane Bicocchi, Managing Director, setec Energy, Environment


The companies of the setec Group, involved in innovation, have developed their own digital tools and managed to seize the new collaborative solutions and outsourced IT infrastructures that have emerged. Today, data sciences continue to evolve and still require a rise in skills and a hybridisation of experiences.

To seize digital opportunities, our challenge is to prioritise and structure initiatives in consistency with our purpose: digital must improve the performance of our existing offers and new digital tools dedicated to clients must be aligned with major transitions and our development axes. They should make it possible to highlight the role of engineering in the interpretation of data and its valorisation. Finally, to make a responsible digital transition, we must integrate the “digital sobriety” component of the Engineers & Citizens and cybersecurity approach to each project.

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  • To propose 4 offers (see below) of digital services for our activities and clients.
  • Implement the Group's digital transformation: data management, automation, artificial intelligence, talent and skills management, transition management and internal communication.
  • To reduce the environmental impact of digital technologies and to encourage the adoption of moderate and virtuous attitudes towards these tools.
  • To portray an innovative and state-of-the-art digital image, which is attractive to our clients and to young talents.

Alexis Mariani, Director of Digital Engineering, setec Group


Four new
digital offers


Dedicated to our territorial clients and to the preliminary decision-making phases, this offer is based on the potential of geo-information tools, for the systemic territorial approaches, resilient territories and towns, mobilities and sustainable energy. It enables us to assist our local and regional clients in the preliminary decision-making phases and will be associated, internally, with an offer enabling the group's companies to manage geographical information

Digital project

This offer, which will serve the AMO and the PMO, aims to systematically use collaborative tools internally and with clients, to continue digitising the management of complex projects and to offer new data management services to our clients.

Digital design
and creation

This offer will make it possible to deliver digital models to clients, thereby simplifying the operation and future maintenance of structures. New digital services can be designed around the reuse of materials and digital manufacturing. Our ambition is to be able to design and implement all infrastructure, building and urban projects 100% digitally.


This aims to offer new service platforms operating digital twins in support of maintenance, diagnosis and sustainable operation. The Setec Capture platform will be set up to provide services such as visualisation, processing and optimisation of virtual data: images, videos, 3D pixel. This platform will be used by diagnostic, inspection, monitoring, and retro-design sectors.

A program dedicated
to digital

The Group’s digital transformation will be based above all on employees’ skills, commitment and ownership of the new digital challenges.

To achieve this, our program will address:

  • The technological component, which will consist in initiating a collective process of transformation through data, identifying use cases to activate the full potential of artificial intelligence and to evolve our information system.
  • The human component, which will consist in developing the necessary skills and supporting change to succeed in digital transformation, by teams, particularly in data sciences.

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Since the creation of an International Development Department in 2013, setec has made this subject a priority, which has resulted in a succession of major export projects, but also in the development, creation or acquisition of companies outside France.

The challenge is to now structure and to maintain this as a whole and to prioritise our international development around

our local locations by promoting excellence, connecting the different entities of the Group and risk control. To achieve these ambitions, setec can rely on a number of solid assets: excellent references in France and abroad in most of our specialties, a wide range of international partners, and a good visibility among investors.


of the Group Turnover
was realised internationally
in 2020

of which 54%

was realised by local


  • 30% of turnover generated internationally, of which more than 60% is generated by local companies. 
  • Strengthen our target regions Africa, Middle East, Latin America, Europe and develop Canada
  • Maintain profitability.

Felipe Starling, Director of International Development, setec Group


Our International roadmap

Our commitments

  • Contribute to major international projects, particularly new large-scale projects in “emerging” countries.
  • Integrate our international development into the Engineers & Citizens approach.
  • Be inspired by the setec model of federating enterprising companies to structure ourselves internationally and support our subsidiaries towards technical and human independence.
  • Capitalise on local skills that emerge within the subsidiaries, while offering our know-how and adapting our interventions to the local context.
  • Continue our competitive activity that is of a high technical quality, in close collaboration with companies in France so as to meet the growing need of our clients within the construction and industrial markets.
  • Develop an international PMO offer
  • Work with major French contractors who are developing their activities internationally and rely on international and European financing.
  • Continue to seize opportunities (partnerships, specific expertise needs…) to establish ourselves in new markets and to invest where we have added value and where a door is open.
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Committing our employees

Capitalising on the skills
of our employees is essential
to achieving our international ambitions.

We want to promote the hybridisation of skills between companies in all countries, increase information about international career opportunities and attract talent.

To achieve this, we will programme dedicated international campus training. We will develop internal and external communication dedicated to promoting our international activities. We will also develop international project opportunities for young people to build strong international profiles. These vocations will be rewarded by promoting careers with an international dimension, with a balanced and competitive mobility policy in line with the economic reality of our markets. Finally, we will include in our recruitment the profiles necessary for our development in the geographical areas targeted by setec.


Cultivating our talents is therefore an essential challenge if we are to achieve excellence in 2025 and to be able to embrace the transitions that will impact our professions.

We are committed to adapting our training, diversifying our profiles and participating in the feminisation of engineering professions. We also want to value the meaning of our collective action

and the pleasure we find in leading our projects. We also want to continue to take care of our employees by offering them a quality working environment that offers flexibility and creates the right conditions for commitment, innovation and entrepreneurship, while taking into account the necessary balance between professional and personal life.

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  • Diversify and strengthen our relations with schools and universities through lasting collaborative partnerships.
  • Making our diversity a source of strength by encouraging a wide range of profiles, experience and nationalities in our recruitment and by promoting our professions amongst women.
  • To provide a stimulating and welcoming environment for our employees, in terms of technical, managerial and quality of life at work.
  • To promote the rise in skills of our employees throughout their professional career (Campus setec…).
  • Combining and communicating on the skills found in our companies throughout the world.
  • To promote innovation and creativity within the group through structured initiatives (setecLabs…).

Biljana Kostic, Director of Relations setec Group


and diversity

We must maintain the setec model of excellence, which is based on the quality of recruitment and the long-term promotion of talent, by offering a high standard environment, local expertise, stimulating projects, autonomy and prospects. As a responsible employer, equal opportunities is a major aspect of our HR policy, and we pay particular attention to candidates and employees with disabilities and integration issues.

The diversity of skills, profiles and know-how enables us to meet new needs, the diversity of nationalities challenges our technical culture and eases our international expansion, and the diversity of backgrounds enriches our views. Some subjects, such as gender equality, go beyond the notion of equal treatment. A signatory of the Charter of Diversity in 2021, setec is committed to promoting professions independently of gender, whose diversity enriches our points of view.

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Provide a
stimulating environment
for our employees

Our model of human-sized companies, which offers technical and managerial proximity, with few hierarchical levels, is an asset in providing a quality working environment. In addition, we are committed to structuring and perpetuating mentorship, to review the organisation of remote working and offices, to everyone's advantage. We also want to be more attentive to the younger generation and will establish a Youth Council, which will be able to discuss the challenges facing the Group and the profession and share with the Group its conclusions.

of skills

Throughout all our locations whether in France or internationally, strengthening and expanding skills is a key success factor for the strategic development of each company. As such, setec is committed to developing exchange opportunities, one-off or ongoing training, cooperation between teams, international access to the Group's technical training courses, and language training.

Promote the development
of skills

setec's promise to employees is to accompany them throughout their career, to enable them to adapt their talents to technological developments, to the challenges they face and to the issues of the future. This increase in skills is encouraged by the presence of experts, but also thanks to our internal university, the setec Campus, which offers tailor-made training to promote cross-disciplinary skills, enables the exchange of ideas between companies and opens up new horizons.

photo photo


In order to give innovation its rightful place and to structure our approaches, we have set up setecLabs at a Group level. Since 2013, this system has completed the R&D activities of each subsidiary to enable setec to constantly observe promising innovation ecosystems, to educate our employees and to encourage entrepreneurship.

Each year, setecLabs brings together several working groups of around thirty employees from all of the Group's companies. They identify the most promising participants and projects and carry out experiments. The most successful projects are developed into an intrapreneurial format. Like the creation in 2014 of Advizeo by setec, which focuses on improving the energy performance of buildings, setecLabs have already made several investments in promising start-ups or businesses, both external and internal.

Aurélie Guillon, Innovation Coordinator, setec Group


more than 300

employees involved
since the creation
of setecLabs


Group intelligence
for our success

This strategic plan is that of our Group. It is founded on the progress made by our subsidiaries, by a shared vision of the issues affecting our society and by the role of engineering, as we see it.

It is not intended to become a stiff instrument imposed on each of the setec companies, nor is it intended to set in stone all the actions to be taken between now and 2025. Rather, it is a benchmark for companies to develop their own strategy in line with the Group's approach and provides a structure to enable cooperation between companies. One indicator of the success of this plan will be our ability to develop it as a team, based on individual initiatives and feedback from our clients and partners: it is this collective intelligence that makes us strong.

Let us seize with determination and enthusiasm the opportunities presented by the considerable challenges we face today.

Together: Employees, partners, clients... let's share this adventure!

Michel Kahan

President of setec