The Moscow – Saint-Petersburg motorway is the first motorway to be built in the Russian Federation with some of its sections running as concessions.

Section 1, which is 43 km long, is connected to the outer Moscow ring road (MKAD). It provides a road link to the national and international terminals at Sheremetyevo Airport and to the town of Zelenograd.

The most noteworthy features of the project are the following :

•the need to secure the economic balance of the concession,
•the complexity of some of the seven interchanges,
•important viaducts,
•the urban environment at the origin of the motorway,
•the introduction of a toll system and operating systems capable of providing a high level of safety and service.


Section 1 concession holder commissioned SETEC for an expert assessment and assistance assignment, during which the following tasks were carried out:

•critical analysis of the design documents,
•design optimisation proposals (Preliminary Optimised Design Documentation : PODD) and presentation of the proposals to the authorities,
•drafting of the technical appendices to the concession contract,
•development of decided optimisations (Optimised Design documentation),
•detailed design,
•project management with Vinci for the preparation and the construction phases.