setec  assisted SGTM ENERGY in its development studies. These were organized into several tasks, from defining the project to conducting detailed surveys of all the structures and equipment.

The project involved setting up a hydropower station upstream of the existing Asfalou barrage: a vault-type dam with a maximum above-foundation height of 112m.

The hydropower development includes:

– The penpipe connection to the existing water intake

– An underground water course of approximately 150 ml

– A hydropower plant housing a 12 MW Francis horizonal turbine

– A steep access road

– A 60 kV low-voltage substation

– A 45 km long 60 kV power line linking to the national grid



setec‘s roles include:

- Managing the project

- Setting up the structures

- Conducting a detailed hydrological survey of intakes and assessing flood discharge

- Defining and optimizing operations for the reservoir, the design flow, the water course and the power plant

- Conducting detailed energy modeling

- Defining topographic surveys

- Producing detailed designs for the intake tunnel, plant, hydromechanical and electrical facilities, access and connection cable

- Managing works scheduling and construction strategy

- Quantity surveying and construction costing



Key figures

Period of services

October 2011 – February 2017

Key challenges

The initial data was captured and analyzed with the help of partner companies in Morocco and the support of ABH Sebou and the government’s hydraulic development department.

The energy and economic modelling was carried out with Hydroptim software, enabling numerous parameters to be taken into account.