Knud Bültermann, Director of Business Development at setec eocen GmbH, explains how the local team is growing rapidly and increasing their skills.

setec eocen GmbH is the German subsidiary of setec eocen with an annual turnover of 35 million euros. In 2009, setec eocen GmbH collaborated for the first time with noecon GmbH, a management consulting company based in Germany. In 2021, setec eocen GmbH acquired noecon GmbH, thus bringing together two companies with both local, German and international experience.

As a result of these positive changes, the company has grown and today has 21 employees.

However, more than a merger, it is a synergy, which gives setec eocen GmbH the opportunity to have a stronger position in the local market. Christian Noe, the founder of noecon GmbH, and Knud Bültermann are both responsible for the operational management. Some of their current projects involve Airbus, Eumetsat and Ariane Group.

At the same time, they are expanding their activities into renewable energies and the dismantling of nuclear power plants. One of their next objectives will be to work with other subsidiaries of the group on international projects. According to Knud Bültermann: “The subsidiaries within the setec Group are very supportive of each other, work together efficiently and are known for their equity and humanity.”