Going beyond knowledge-sharing

Capitalizing on and sharing knowledge within the Group, helping colleagues to get to know each other, promoting openness to new knowledge, developing new professions… With ambitions like these, setec has high hopes for its campus, which serves as both a corporate university and an incubator of future engineering skills.

Being much more than a training center, the setec campus aims to provide a catalyst for value and meaning. This “thinking and acting” community of expertise boosts the company’s training offering while also enabling innovative and even disruptive approaches to emerge and accelerate the Group’s development.

Four colleges for increasing collective intelligence

Open to all, the conferences and training programs offered on the setec campus rely on both internal and external trainers and experts. The content of every training path is developed in a participative process with the leaders of the different companies, in line with the Group’s strategic priorities. The educational approach, which is firmly focused on business, must help drive setec’s overall performance.


Technical leadership

. Boost excellence in our professions
. Promote best-practice sharing

Project management

. Acquire an overall organizational vision of projects
. Master tools for anticipating creep in project costs, deadlines and performance
. Have methods for assessing challenges and taking decisions

Managerial leadership

. Develop a shared management culture with three focuses: employee development, teamwork and collective intelligence
. Create value for the Group worldwide, including in new markets


. Drive a culture of change and be open to new opportunities
. Harness stimulating new ideas

Campus training: testimonials

For three days, experts from SNCF Réseau and setec ferroviaire shared their knowledge and passion with us, passing on the basics of the rail industry.
While project management can be applied to any field, the ins and outs of rail projects are quite specific and the deadlines particularly demanding. This training has improved my understanding of issues such as overhead power lines, track gauges and rail testing. I’ll be much more at ease in my discussions with our client SNCF Réseau, and I’ll find it easier to anticipate decisions and manage timelines. During the training, I felt I belonged to the Group and not just setec organization. Being in close proximity enabled us to get to know each other: I now know who to contact if I have a technical issue and need more information.
Isabelle Dourlens, engineer at setec organisation
Damien Bloc, engineer and trainer at planitec btp
For some years, I provided training from time to time at Ponts Formation Conseil. For longer training sessions (1-2 days), I needed methods and advice to be more at ease, give more freedom to the audience and manage the amount of time I spoke.
I took the campus’s internal trainer training course, which helped me make my lessons more interactive and flow better. I learned practical tips on course preparation, content, delivery, traps to avoid and an infinite number of tips for sessions to run smoothly.