A multifaceted profession

” I studied mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology, and worked in 3D modeling mechanical parts and the connection between software and machine tools. I was already using CAD software and designed programs for machine tools.

Abdelbaké MAHCER – BIM Manager (setec bâtiment)


I got into the construction business by chance in 1992, working for large engineering companies, particularly in fluids. I then specialized in coordination and reporting after acquiring skills in structures, fluids and electricity. I joined setec Group in 1996 and became a project manager in 2005, capitalizing on my technical skills.

Today, I am a building information modeling (BIM) manager, managing a team of four BIM operators at setec bâtiment on about 20 digital modeling projects. In addition to management, my role is to set up processes, methods and design guidelines for our projects. The BIM manager is responsible for the quality of the digital model, as well as its technical features.

BIM is a design tool I need to manage and make easier to use so it can effectively support design projects. This requires attention to detail, method and also communication skills.


What I like most about my job is that no two days are alike, since we have to continually improve our methods and techniques by working with this type of tool. I also like being able to visit a building virtually, before it’s built. Virtual buildings can be changed in a click, whereas it’s more complicated in reality! Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to “Control Z” certain moments of their lives?


3D Brétigny station

Above all, I find it very rewarding technically and culturally to be in contact with diverse partners: the sales people, the project managers, the engineers, the project workers, the contractors, the promoters, all the people working on technical studies, the architecture agencies, the economists and the graphic designers… The BIM manager must be able to listen well and explain, since people’s positions and solutions can differ quite significantly, when you consider for example an architect and a builder. ”

Abdelbaké MAHCER, BIM Manager (setec bâtiment)

The software used by setec

ADFER, Advance Design, Ansys, ASD, Caneco, Catia, Civil 3D, Climawin, Covadis, Dialux, Digital Project, Dynamo, Ecotect, ETABS, Grasshopper, GSA, IES Virtual Environnement, Infraworks, Inventor, Mensura, Navisworks, Revit, ReluxPro, PDMS, Pythagore, Rhinoceros, SAP 2000, Synchro4D, Tekla, Trsys, VDC…