The same shared culture across all our companies

setec’s operations call on a wide range of professions. While most involve a significant technical element, others are more generalist.
Our employees share the same pioneering spirit and taste for adventure, whether they are administrative staff, designers, engineers or researchers.
Recruiters from the Group’s different companies share their views of the ideal candidate.

At planitec, we hire generalist engineers who have an industrial background and a keen interest in project management.
We’re just as likely to recruit young graduates as we are seasoned experts who wish to immerse themselves in our project management methodology (managing deadlines, costs and risks), developed over 50 years of handling high-profile, high-value projects. We pay particular attention to a candidate’s organizational and relational skills.
Nathalie BERNARD, Human resources Manager (planitec)
Gilles PAYET, HR and Resources Director (setec international)
setec international works for public and private contractors, in particular managing major transport infrastructure projects (motorways, high-speed rail lines, urban infrastructure, ports, airports and canals). What we look for in recruits is their motivation for working on major territorial projects, along with their zest for teamwork and ability to work with others.
Are you curious and attentive to detail? Do you want work autonomously? Are you excited by finding and implementing innovative technical solutions for construction design and complex structures?
Whether you’re a junior or a senior expert, your interest in BIM studies combined with your open approach to international projects will boost your profile and offer career development opportunities within our company.
Sandrine BARLET, HR Manager (setec tpi)