Making towns and territories more attractive, sustainable, smart… and better places to live in

In a context of inexorable growth in the urban population, public authorities must manage the scale of development and actively support this trend.

Different challenges are emerging. For setec, they involve digital innovation and environmental solutions to optimize urban life, regenerate suburbs and promote harmonious growth across metropolitan areas.

Our key focus throughout is serving citizens, decision makers and planners.

78 M€ G.P. in 2016
We focus on serving citizens, decision-makers and developers.
Our urban planners and engineers offer consulting expertise and conduct surveys to guide the choice of projects, optimize investments, and design and implement projects consistently and well
Karim Aït Ali, director of the Urban Projects department

Global approach to technical expertise

setec urban planners and engineers offer advice, conduct research and carry out surveys to steer the choice of projects, optimize investments and design/implement developments in a consistent, well managed approach.

With the end goal of making towns and cities more attractive, sustainable, smart and better places to live in, we combine a high-level vision with specific technical expertise:

  • Consulting expertise in urban governance, strategies and development plans (e.g. promoting the circular economy, digital optimization, mobility and innovative services for citizens)
  • Project expertise in scheduling, urban design and spatial development. Our ability to plan and organize urban environments involves sound, sustainable implementation at every level, from local neighborhoods to entire regions.
  • Technical expertise at the cutting edge of all urban innovation issues.

Our scope covers wide terrain:

  • Consulting and operational support for project governance, territorial/urban strategies and urban regeneration
  • Exploiting the latest technologies for digital connectivity, urban transportation, water engineering and energy efficiency
  • Implementing effective systems for waste recovery and processing
  • Designing smart buildings and public facilities

setec: a tailored response

setec offers decision-makers and stakeholders in urban development a global, consistent and multi-expertise approach to suit the challenges and the available resources.

This vision incorporates six major goals:

  • Make cities and regions more attractive in terms of both quality of life and economic vibrancy, by innovating and investing in urban services
  • Give cities and neighborhoods the means to regenerate and rebuild over time, integrating the latest innovations through a scalable, well planned approach
  • Provide advice and operational support for financial, operational and legal aspects
  • Provide advice and operational support for adapting to digital technology and governance (decision processes, communication, cooperation and co-building to promote urban democracy)
  • Model future cities and regions to evaluate projects, impacts and risks
  • Design citizen-oriented services and public spaces