Aviation, transport, energy, health, chemicals, food…

setec is involved at every step of industrial projects, from diagnostics and auditing, full project design and contracting assistance to complex project management with teams of experienced engineers.

To ensure that projects are efficient, optimized, sustainable and scalable in a wide variety of sectors, setec integrates all the necessary technical, financial, environmental and organizational processes.

Drawing on its international network, the company offers the best possible service to industrial clients wherever they may be: in Europe, the Middle East or the Americas.

36 M€ G.P. in 2016
424 projects
16 Countries
setec has collaborated with STMicroelectronics for more than 25 years. This longstanding partnership demonstrates setec’s ability to adapt to new issues. The strong technical skills required, for example in vibration and white rooms, have been handed on from one generation of engineers to another. Today, in the age of building information modeling (BIM), a third generation of experts is carrying the torch, working on a new extension of the Crolles – CR200 E factory, which is due for delivery in mid-2017. Serving the industrial sector and for STMicroelectronics in particular means being challenged daily by very knowledgeable clients, offering new perspectives and sharing innovative skills, all the while engaging in dialogue based on mutual trust
Reginald Baussan, setec project director for the new extension to the STMicroelectronics factory in Crolles

Time engineering

A first in Europe: fully refitting the Charles-de-Gaulle aircraft carrier, refueling its two nuclear cores and adding new features, all within 15 months… This giant ship, measuring more than 260 meters long, underwent tens of thousands of often highly complex interventions by some 1,000 crew members and 800 technicians. The project design exploited setec skills and expertise to consolidate and analyze data, and organize the 80,000 basic jobs into 20,000 tasks.

Mutual trust

As an Airbus-approved supplier since 2009, setec received its first major project management commission for A400M systems, before working on the risks associated with ramping up A320 deliveries.

With the A380 and the A350, Airbus has continued to renew its trust in setec, calling on the company for higher-value consulting and supplier coaching services, as well as to manage the maturity of pre-boarding technologies.

This is a good example of how project management, which involves optimizing processes in terms of quality, costs and lead times, is based on mutual trust and a spirit of genuine partnership.


Industrial facility life-cycle management

setec has the skills to manage industrial optimization and renovation projects from A to Z.

Preliminary technical studies, structural/material diagnostics, energy performance audits and modeling of the residual life of facilities are among the setec services that provide clients with the precise information they need to take the right decisions.

setec has a strong track record in these projects, ranging from site waste and conversion studies to wastelands. A good example is the CMMP asbestos and zircon milling plant in Aulnay-sous-Bois, which involved demolition, asbestos disposal and radioactive waste removal in hermetically sealed conditions.

Increasingly connected factories

STMicroelectronics à crollesA major concern for manufacturers is the performance and availability of IT and communications networks. With this in mind, setec helps IT teams choose and implement communications and collaboration solutions: wide-area networks (WANs), local area networks (LANs), telephony, videoconferencing, collaborative tools (emails, unified communications, etc.), call centers, data centers, cabling, and more.