Managing the environmental impact of all our projects

As a socially responsible company, we are firmly committed to sustainable development on behalf of our clients.

Every phase of our projects comprises a “green” element. To this end, our multi-expertise engineering teams offer an integrated package of services, whether designing ways to protect the environment or managing the environmental and social impact of an industrial, urban, construction or infrastructure project.

15 M€ G.P in 2016
871 projects
28 countries

Designing our environmental protection systems

We offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of industrial and urban environments in every field of environmental engineering, urban or fluvial hydraulics, aquatic engineering and networks, sea walls and dams, geotechnology, marine environments, waste recovery and real estate energy efficiency.

setec works with major public and private developers as an assistant to the contracting authority or a project manager.

For many years, our engineers have developed and used software and IT solutions to assist them in their tasks.

Engineering for energy and waste recovery, processing and management


setec draws on its experience and capacity for innovation to manage every aspect of household, industrial and organic waste or sewage sludge.

  • We work in a wide range of fields: waste collection, waste disposal sites, recycling and recovery centers, multimodal transport and hubs (road, river and rail), organic recovery centers (composting and methanization), mechanical biological treatment units, incineration energy recovery centers, carbonization, biomass units and storage centers.
  • Our tasks range from laboratory diagnostics and project organization/planning surveys to the design, construction and operation of complete units.

Through these projects, setec has developed particularly advanced expertise in fume processing, biogas recovery and environmental assessment (Bilan Carbone®).


Water engineering

Etude de la diffusion de polluants sur la Loiresetec works in the fields of water treatment, urban, fluvial and maritime hydraulics, and groundwater.

We fulfill a wide range of roles for local authorities, institutions and manufacturers: consulting, surveys, diagnostics, audits, metrology, blueprints, project management and coordination.


In design and modeling, our expertise draws on some of the most powerful digital tools available on the market.

In hydrology, hydraulics and aeraulics, setec has developed its own software for more than 30 years. Recognized for their excellence and reliability, these products are now sold commercially.

Over the years, the group has accumulated many high-profile client references, especially in flood simulations and studies, local surveys of stream crossings and in managing dam building, water treatment facilities and drinking water plants.

These skills and knowledge are put to use on major infrastructure projects.

Environmental and landscape integration

LGV Rhin Rhône - Passage Grande faune


Alongside technical studies for infrastructure, construction, structural and equipment projects, setec has developed expertise in the environmental and landscape integration of major projects. The group offers all the required technologies and skills for:




  • Impact and environmental studies in all major areas: fauna/flora, aquatic environment, urban planning, noise pollution, agriculture, archaeology, heritage, landscapes, etc.
  • Acoustic studies: in-situ measurement and 3D modeling
  • Regulatory administration: employee unions, water laws, facilities requiring environment impact assessment, historic sites, land clearance, etc.
  • Landscape studies: landscape workshops with our landscape engineers and architects

This work is carried out by a team of specialists working within a larger multi-expert team on wider projects, or on an ad-hoc basis to meet the needs of public and private clients on specific environmental issues.


This expertise is based on recognized, tried and tested methods, mathematical and/or 3D models, and the development of geographic information systems.

We work on the water cycle and its integration into a smart and sustainable city. Our team of engineers specialises in complex hydrogeology missions and modeling. In partnership with urban design teams, we are involved in all the problems related to the management of underground fluids. We provide tailor-made services.
Claude Nœuvéglise, Responsable du pôle ressources en eau-Hydrogéologie