Addressing energy issues all around the world

In a world where demand for energy is rising and environmental concerns are increasingly influencing our choices, how can we ensure our transport, industries, neighborhoods and homes are energy efficient?

setec offers its clients global solutions involving a wide range of engineering services and expertise gained on industrial and infrastructure projects.

These solutions are based on a multi-expertise approach and a proven track record in managing complex projects.

Developing all potential renewable energy sources in connection with territories, seeking for systematic reduction of energy consumption, reducing greenhouse gases, protecting the environment in developed and developing countries, innovating to reduce our reliance on energy, finding and implementing new business and partnership models… These are just some of the major challenges our teams meet day to day.

19 M€ G.P. in 2016
320 projects
31 countries

In every field of energy and energy production…

setec is organized into groups of experts who work with project teams to offer innovative, tailored solutions.

This positioning enables setec to ensure continuity from the design phase to implementation and operations.

setec helps its partners and clients define their projects and develop their strategies, by providing support in the following aspects:

  • Programming, definition of needs and preliminary studies (roadmaps, carbon assessments, strategic counsel and energy source studies)
  • Technical, economic and financial feasibility studies
  • Surveys and diagnostics
  • Contractor assistance
  • Project management


For all kinds of technical studies

setec draws on its operational experts to carry out all kinds of technical studies, from the preliminary phase to construction supervision:

  • Hydraulics and hydrology
  • Equipment
  • Energy production processes
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Digital building information modeling (BIM)
  • Circular economy


Developping renewable energy potentials in relation to territories: hydroectricity, wind power

Small hydroelectric power plant in Bonneville, France – Bonneville council

Full project management for a 2MW power plant

Aménagement hydriélectrique d'Agdez au Maroc


  • Potential survey
  • Hydrological study of inputs and rises in water levels
  • Geological and geotechnical studies, definition and monitoring of reconnaissance surveys
  • Hydraulic design and optimization of water paths: water intake, sand traps, hydraulic galleries, wells, penstock pipes and equipment selection
  • Design and scaling of projects: barrages, water intake, sand traps, hydraulic galleries, wells, penstock pipes and factories
  • Industrial civil engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Energy modeling
  • Financial study (CAPEX, OPEX, IRR and NPR spend)


Added value

  • Risk analysis
    • Hydrological risks: input variability, flood management and solid transport
    • Geological and geotechnical risks
    • Technological risks
  • Energy modeling
    • Equipment selection
    • Pricing
    • Optimal reservoir management


Energy efficiency: Our consulting and integrated expertise



Saint Ouen incinerator - Paris SYCTOM

Surveys and management of all work packages involved in building the new fume treatment center at the factory. 


Engineering studies for a 36 MW gas fire plant. 


Our role: transforming low-temperature thermal energy into electricity using a turbine and a working fluid. 

Nuclear facilities: from design to decommissioning

setec offers a range of complementary skills, including project management, civil engineering, geotechnology, earthquake engineering, hydraulics, water processing/chemistry/reagents, mechanics, materials and diagnostics. Today, the company is bringing this multi-expertise approach to complex nuclear engineering projects, supporting clients in different phases from redevelopment, new constructions and new models to decommissioning and waste storage.


setec is taking part in detailed studies for the nuclear island (auxiliary building, containment building, effluent handling building and control room) and helping with work planning.


The Megajoule Laser Facility is a mammoth research project to ensure the long-term reliability and safety of French nuclear weapons.


A world-unique material test reactor
- Site planning and systems integration,
- Civil engineering blueprints using 3D modeling