A comprehensive expertise ready to address all challenges

Renowned for its know-how, setec applies its engineering excellence to the benefit of complex and global airport engineering projects.

An airport is a system at the crossroads of numerous interfaces, and is subjected to heavy operational requirements in terms of safety and security. A complexity increased in the case of construction under operation. Our partners and clients stretch from airport operators, airlines and constructors to airport authorities, investment funds, suppliers and aircraft manufacturers. All expect greater flexibility, performance and cost efficient schemes; while facing environmental challenges.

As an innovative solution provider, setec works by their side to ensure they meet all those requirements, offering an all-inclusive package of services such as conception to completion designs, building engineering for existing facilities, planning and maintenance strategies for the end user. Our in-house team ensures the promotion of efficiency on a whole life cost basis and smooth transitions during the lifecycle of a project.

The airport department at setec has been emerging in line with the growth of the aeronautical industry Designers, planners, economists, specialist engineers in infrastructures, buildings or systems…, all are pooled within this dynamic department, and are deployed in project teams to take on your challenges.