zone d'activité économique aéroportuaireWith an eye on future economic growth and the development of land still available in a strategic region, Région Réunion planned to develop an airport business park in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This zone, next to Roland Garros airport and the RN2 main road, would house high-value activities in a fully fledged urban and business center.

The program was diversified and called for the different options chosen by CDE to be checked and audited, especially those linked to export, commercial real-estate and business tourism, three key sectors marked by development difficulties. With this planned extension of the airport’s catchment area, the first step was to open the project up to outside operators and diversify the business activities involved while building a premium positioning. To achieve this, links with aviation and airport functions were strengthened.


Planning the airport business park.


Réunion Island regional councils (CR REUNION 974 - CONSEIL REGIONAL DE LA REUNION 97)

Key figures

Period of services

September 2012 - February 2013

Key challenges

The main objective of this contract was to boost the performance of a project already underway, ensure feasibility and confirm the economic and commercial viability of the options already chosen, if necessary suggesting alternatives or additional measures, in line with the following criteria:
o Addressing real needs and a potential market
o Boosting the development of the aviation business, making the site more attractive and enhancing its overall reputation
o Creating economic value and jobs
The secondary objective was to build on existing studies to prepare for the development of the zone, and determine access conditions, the principles of composition in line with the selected levels of density, sectorization and frequencies.