In addition to being a major public transport infrastructure program, Grand Paris Express is a territorial planning project.
La Société du Grand Paris is in charge of urban integration for stations and in this capacityhas commissioned urban designers to propose complementary programs for the stations. Fifteen stations were identified for further study.


Contracting assistance


Key figures

Period of services

January 2012 - January 2016

Key challenges

The contract awarded to the consortium involved identifying the conditions for implementing the projects:
o Refining urban planning to enable station projects to anticipate possible technical and functional constraints
o Evaluating the revenues likely to be generated by the complementary programs depending on market conditions
o Defining developments in urban planning guidelines
o Detailing the most appropriate operational approaches
o Preparing specifications for promoters (urban planning rules and plot details)
o Providing assistance for the competitive promoter selection process
As the lead contractor, setec's role was to coordinate the consortium, while bringing expertise in operational coordination and financial reporting.