In July 2005, the Flandre Morinie waste treatment authority (SMFM) launched an architectural and engineering contest to design the Flamoval incineration center.

Drawing on more than 20 years of experience, setec  designed a process that would be integrated into the architecture of the center. The solution covered both technical and organizational aspects, so that the tools integrated would provide security and ease of use, as keys to sustainability and high performance. The technical project was based on the following principles:

– Maximum vapor decontamination through modern, high-performance technology without effluents.

– Optimal, flexible and scalable energy recovery through cogeneration.

– A full service continuity guarantee for waste reception and processing.

– A compact functional and spatial organization to reduce the number of circuits and facilitate maintenance.

– Accessibility for operational convenience and time savings.

– Separate “dirty” and “clean” areas to facilitate day-to-day operations, site maintenance and cleaning.

– Independent secure roads for waste collection and service vehicles.


setec énergie environnement‘s design and construction supervision assignment concerned processes, including the management of civil engineering interfaces (work package 2).

This involved:

  • In a binding part: the design phase based on the information provided in the contest: Preliminary design
    • Final design
    • Tender documents for the process package
    • Development and overseeing of an operating license application
  • In a conditional part:
    • Approval of the construction design
    • Supervision of works contracts
    • Scheduling, construction management and coordination
    • Operational assistance up to completion of works



Key figures

Period of services

April 2006 – June 2017

Key challenges

Structure concerned:

Household waste incineration facility processing 100,000 tons annually
Fume processing
Energy recovery (including 9 MW of electricity)


- Limit emissions to 20%, in line with regulation (French Ministerial decree, 20/09/2002)
- Maximize energy recovery
- Ensure business continuity 365 days/year
- Exemplary architectural and landscaping integration
- High environmental quality project