The Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge is the third bridge constructed on the Bosporus straits of Istanbul in Turkey. The hybrid deck support two railways framed by a highway of 8 traffic lanes (four lanes on each side). It is the largest cable-stayed deck and with the longest range in the world. It also has the world records of the longest railways bridge and of the suspended bridge fitted with the highest pylons (322 m).

Inaugurated in August 2016, it is open to rail and automobile traffic. it connects the European and Asian shores of Istanbul helping to lighten traffic on the other two bridges.

Troisième pont sur le Bosphore_setec


Since the first studies in 2012, setec has been appointed by the motorway concessionnaire as independant checker, and has brought its expertise towards the certification of the project. 

A mission of intellectual service was realized as part of the multiyear follow-up of the structure. It consists of realizing the initial inspection of the sensitive items, the annual inspections and the « general inspections » of the structure.

A monthly follow-up of the instrumentation is also realized with the data transmitted by the numerous sensors on the structure.


Republic of Turkey

Key figures

- Access bridges : box girder made of prestressed concrete

- Main span: orthotropic slab made of steel

- Total length : 2 164 meters

- Main span length : 1408 meters

- Height of pylons : 322 meters

- Height of deck : 5,50 meters

- Width of deck : 59 meters

- Number of stiffening cables : 176

- Number of hangers : 68

Period of services

2012 - 2016

Key challenges