Tour D2 La défenseThe D2 Tower is located in a very constrained urban area, alongside the ring road at La Defense near Paris (3,000,000 sqm of offices for over 180,000 employees).

Its complex shape and structure generates 3 major frontages with its surrounding: a high tech prow pointed towards Paris, a thin overlooking figure towards Courbevoie, and a gentle curved rear abutting the ring road.

Built to a total height of 180m, it is designed to accommodate 3,700 people on 37 floors.

The D2 tower is the first composite load-bearing structure at La Défense with a metal exo-structure, enabling 30% of material economy. Its skeleton consists of a reinforced concrete core as well as an external steel mesh. The tower’s external ‘diagrid’ structure gives the building a diamond-like shine with a unique lighting effect.


Complete design and construction supervision for the structures, electricity, low currents, HVAC and smoke exhaust:
•Preliminary design
•Detailed design review
•Approval of shop drawings
•Construction supervision

A complete finite elements model was used to study the dynamic and static behavior of the tower.


SOGEPROM (real estate branch of the French bank Société Générale)

Key figures

Surface: 54 000 m2, Height 171 m, Steel load: 5300 tons

Period of services

2008 - 2014

Key challenges