Several towns in the Normandy region (northern France) still using non-collective sanitation systems needed to be connected to collective sanitation. The new network developed for this need comprises 5 pumping stations (10l/s capacity for the biggest) amoung which 3 are operated in network in order to optimize energy costs and linera meters of pipe.


o Preliminary studies and regulatory review
o Concept and detailed
o Assistance for the drafting of tender documentation, bids analysis and procurement process
o Assistance for the works supervision
o Assistance for commissioning


Dieppe Maritime conurbation community

Key figures

- 3,5 km of gravity-fed network
- 3 km of wastewater discharge network
- 5 pumping stations
- 150 household connections

Period of services

Key challenges

The project is specifically designed for numerous local constraints:
o 1 km of linear along a national road,
o Access for schooling facilities issues,
o Presence of the groundwater table in the entire zone,
o Crossing of a railway line and cantilever bridges.