The project focuses on municipalities in Val de France in the greater Paris region. It aims to build on the economic development benefits of two airports, and strong urban regeneration to boost the attractiveness of the area. The national urban renovation program has already enabled six neighborhoods to receive a total investment of €900 million.

This approach is part of the new urban renovation program (NPNRU), centralized at an intermunicipality scale, in line with the law on city policies and the Greater Paris Territorial Development Contracts.


Assistance drafting a multi-year "NPNRU" urban regeneration agreement


Key figures

Period of services

Key challenges

The role of preparing and drafting the multi-year agreement for regenerating the Val de France conurbation is in line with the work carried out by setec environnement to help draft the preparatory agreement. It will be based on the following:
o Managing the partnership approach to developing the new urban renovation program (NPNRU) agreement by associating politicians, local council employees, sponsors and financers
o Respecting the formal framework imposed by ANRU, the national agency for urban regeneration, based on the rules set on July 16, 2015
o Aligning the town development projects with intermunicipality ambitions
o Committing to deadlines