In 2015, Syctom started thinking about rebuilding its household waste treatment plant located in Romainville-Bobigny. To do so, it must however consult with the local communities as such a project would have many implications: duration of the construction process, construction of new infrastructures in a changing environment, noise and air pollution, sensitive waste management, etc.


Our tasks include :
- Assist SYCTOM in the public consultation process
- Supervise cooperative dialogues with all relevant actors. Includes meetings with technical partners and potential implications for the territory.
- Organize and take part in public meetings, workshops, exhibitions to enhance public acceptability



Key figures

Period of services

June 2016 - June 2022

Key challenges

setec provides Syctom with strategic support throughout the entire project: strategic framing, assistance during the consultation process, disturbance management (e.g. noise), etc.