Situated on the motorway bypassing Rabat in Morocco, this way across the Bouregreg River is the longest cable-stayed bridge on the African continent. Spanning 954.30 m, it comprises a cable-stayed viaduct and an independent-span viaduct with prestressed beams. The architectural design, particularly of its 2 pylons, combines modernity and influences from traditional Moroccan culture.


Design, support for project management and detailed inspection.


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To understand how the structure works, with its complex pylon shape, its thin deck and the specific features of cable-stayed bridges, static and dynamic studies were carried out on a PYTHAGORE spatial model. The calculations took into account the construction phasing, the soil ranges, scientific creep, turbulent wind and seismic activity. The inspection of the cable-stayed bridge's deck required a special crane to be imported from France to pass between the stays.