The Régie de Gaz et d’Electricité de Bonneville was considering producing renewable energy and commissioned setec to assist in its hydropower development project.

This project takes place on the Bronze river, near the town of Bonneville. It is characterized by a water intake located at an altitude of 720m, a 1600m penstock, and a power plant equipped with a Pelton turbine. The installed capacity is 1.8 MW and production is expected to reach 7 GWh per year.


Setec was tasked with managing the entire project, from preliminary studies to acceptance of the works. This included:
- Conducting a pre-feasibility study
- Conducting a preliminary study
- Handling all authorization procedures
- Assessing the overall project design
- Managing the tendering process
- Assisting in the procurement process
- Supervising and monitoring the construction process
- Conducting technical and financial assessments
- Assisting in accepting the works
- Assisting in the operation of the facility in the first few months after its opening



Key figures

Period of services


Key challenges

The penstock was to be installed under a winding mountain road for approximately 1200m. Given that the Mont-Saxonnex ski resort is serviced by this road, the works needed to be completed within a narrow time frame as to avoid impacting winter tourism.