LGV East Europe: a complex project overall

Organizational complexity: 22 co-funders, 2 project owners, 5 designers/engineers, around 50 private companies, etc.

Technical complexity: 8 civil engineering sections, 3 new stations, 335 engineering structures, ERTMS/GSMR and separately funded related projects

Contractual complexity: contracting assistance and prime contractor assignments, mandates, contracts for construction work, supplies and intellectual services, and a contract with SNCF for supplies and services


In view of the budgetary constraints, specialist teams were set up for operational and provisional budget management. setec's key contributions to the project have included:
• Creating a project quality manual
• Applying a budgeting and order process (taking into account commitments, updating budget authorizations, etc.)
• Developing a plan for filing and managing deliverables electronically
• Monitoring a management tool: functional maintenance and tracking developments
• Managing the funding agreement (formalizing the agreement, making monthly calls for funds, following-up on other funding: Europe, related sources, etc.)
• Projecting final quarterly costs (planning, preparing and participating in the work, developing suitable reporting with the stakeholders, applying methodology to ensure traceability and manage supplies and risks)
• Project reporting (monthly expense reports and quarterly reports for financial backers and HQ: highlights, key performance indicators, etc.), as well as budgetary control reports
• Updating provisional work schedules
• Preparing and revising twice-yearly cost schedules


Réseau ferré de France (RFF)

Key figures

• 85 municipalities concerned
• 15 years of surveys and studies
• 6,000 jobs linked to the construction site
• 30 million m3 of excavated land
• 22 million m3 of backfill
• A €2.312 billion budget
• Planned service launch: December 11, 2011

Period of services

2000 - present

Key challenges