This project involves developing a new mixed-use neighborhood on the former CNET site in Issy-les-Moulineaux near Paris.
This ambitious program involves five residential buildings (for private ownership and social housing), three office buildings, two parking basements, a digital creation center (“Le Cube”), a school, a creche, a cinema complex, a bar and shops. All the buildings are arranged along an open interior road with plenty of greenery.
The project is intended to boost innovation. From a technical standpoint, the main solutions proposed and studied by sete are:
– Producing geothermal energy from groundwater with a shared water system across the site; this solution will pool the heating and cooling needs of the different offices, shops and housing by recovering energy from the various buildings (some will need more cooling while others will need more heating at any given time)
– Creating a smart building complex with smart heating and electricity, connected to the city’s grid
– Carrying out studies with 3D building information modeling


Prime contractor:
- Structure
- External works
- High and low voltage electricity
- Plumbing
- Overall site energy strategy