As part of the renewal process for French hydroelectric licenses, a European operator wanted to bid for the Ossau Valley concession in the French Pyrenees with a total installed capacity of 220 MW.


The client asked setec  to provide technical contractor assistance, involving three main tasks:

– Due diligence

– Support during the bid phase

– Assistance during the public consultation phase

An analysis of rehabilitation and new project development scenarios was carried out for the concession period.

setec  helped the client consider the possible calls for tender and identify the organization required for this phase.



setec  carried out the following roles:

- Analyzing the existing facilities (hydrology, energy modelling and structural assessments)

- Conducting due diligence across the hydroelectric value chain

- Identifying the technical, environmental and socio-economic challenges involved in developing new projects

- Defining rehabilitation and improvement scenarios, and conducting preliminary design studies

- Carrying out technical, economic and environmental studies

- Preparing for the bid phase



Key figures

Period of services

January 2012 – December 2014

Key challenges

Hydroelectric production in the Ossau Valley involves a complex hydraulic framework supplying nine power plants.

Energy modelling was carried out using Hydroptim software, developed by setec . Hydroptim calculates optimal supply management by considering the concession’s physical parameters, the hydrological output and the evolution in prices.