The French law on city planning and urban cohesion introduced on February 21, 2014 by the French President assigned ANRU, the national agency for urban regeneration, to implement the new national urban regeneration program (NPNRU).
Article 3 of this law stipulates that NPNRU will contribute to improving the energy performance of buildings and energy transition in the neighborhoods concerned. This is one of 6 key objectives set for future urban projects.


Support: neighborhood energy efficiency and ecological transition


Key figures

Period of services

Key challenges

The EFFICACITY institute for energy transition, which brings together leading manufacturers, academics and engineers, was awarded a research and development service program by ANRU, the French national agency for urban regeneration, to provide support in detailing and implementing this objective, by:
o 1: Translating the NPNRU's energy efficiency and ecological transition objective into regulation and contracts, in line with the other key objectives
o 2: Defining ANRU's expectations within the framework of the new PIA investment program for innovation and environmental excellence, and preparing the first call for expressions of interest