Since 2004 the storage, handling and use of hydrazine (highly toxic and unstable inorganic liquid) is more closely controlled by regulations. In this new framework, EDF (French global electricity company) decided to implement a technical and regulatory approach in order to ensure chemical hazard prevention and control related to the use of hydrazine for the conditioning of primary and secondary circuits of Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) on French nuclear power plants of the CNEPE network (French national electricity generation centre).
Setec’s assignment consisted in drafting specific works programs for each nuclear plant in compliance with the new regulatory context.


o Technical and economic study of the modification works on the 3 pilot sites
o Detailed technical auditing of
installations on the 19 CNPE nuclear plants
o Drafting of 19 expert reports with identification of all the required adjustments
o Detailed study of the needed modifications regarding regulations


EDF (French global electricity company) - CNEPE (French national electricity generation centre)

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