For the construction of a new 36 MW power station on Das Island, Actemium Oil & Gas commissioned setec for civil engineering design and supervision, along with a number of process-related tasks.

The power station is an outdoor facility with a “black-start” function based on a GE Frame 6 turbine for both sweet and sour gas.



setec applied its expertise to various process and civil engineering tasks.

Process tasks:

Optimizing the layout of the power plant in a very limited area

- Verifying the plant’s mass and energy balances with and without the combined cycle option

- Drafting a summary report of the piping interfacing with the turbine generator

- Reviewing the overall design of the gas booster utility

- Designing and validating the industrial HVAC system for the electric plant

Civil engineering tasks:

Optimizing the concrete mixtures for an aggressive environment with a very hot climate

- Defining, monitoring and interpreting the geotechnology campaign

- Costing the project in the bid phase, developing engineering specifications to offshore and U.S. standards (ACI and ASCE), and providing assistance with local contracting

- Supervising on-site construction work for 18 months

- Carrying out basic and detailed civil engineering surveys of the power plant (approximately 300 documents)

- Making a dynamic calculation of the turbine base



Key figures

Period of services

December 2013 – March 2015

Key challenges

Thanks to its expert thermodynamic tools, setec can produce and verify the design of combined cycle thermal power plants and initiate the call for tender process for the equipment.

Although equipment manufacturers guarantee performance, setec can carry out checks and ask the right questions to assure clients of a smooth contracting process.