CDGVAL is a public transport link connecting in only 8 minutes (compared to 25 minutes previously), the three Charles de Gaulle airport terminals, the Paris regional express network (RER), the high speed train stations (TGV) and the car parks, all distributed on five stations.
As a consortium partner, Setec provided technical assistance to the Owner for the systems, including interfacing with the Civil Engineering. Setec took up the Project management since January 2003 as part of an on-site resident team comprising four engineers, one secretary and a draftman. The consortium’s assigned tasks comprised respectively the system complete design, manufacturing and construction supervision, testing and commissioning, along with the the safety case.

Specific project features:

  • Reuse of former automated people-mover APM infrastructures (CDGVAL),
  • Combined track, both anchored and resting on concrete sleeper blocks (CDGVAL),
  • Cross communications with concrete running tracks (5 CDGVAL, 1 LISA)
    Self-supporting Platform Screen Doors/ Doors controller at the end of each platform (26m CDGVAL, 52m LISA),
  • Various operation modes (temporary single track, shuttle, partial service),
  • Two-direction automated pilot (PADS)/ Digital safety systems,
    On-board real-time CCTV (WIFI / IP),
  • VAL 208 NG light automated rolling stock (7 for CDGVAL, 3 for LISA).


Assistance to the owner for the systems and interfaces with the civil works


Paris Aéroport

Key figures

CDGVAL in figures: L3.3 km line / 5 stations, 5 stations, 24/7 operation. LISA in figures: 600m of line mainly on viaduct/ 2 stations, 20/24 operation.

Period of services

2003 - 2009

Key challenges

Complexity of operation modes and, consequently, the number of routes, led to implementation of digital two-direction automated pilots (PADS). That development relies on the use of a “B language” (formal language) guaranteeing that encoding of specifications does not create errors, and the use of an encoded single processor (digital safety system), with signature checking system, guaranteeing the correct code execution. That kind of approach, already used for Line 14 (Paris underground), is a first for the Light Automated system. THE CDGVAL line includes 5 line automated pilots and one automated pilot for maintenance garages.