The Seine-Nord Europe Canal project consists in a new 107km inland waterway link extending from France to Belgium and connecting the Seine basin to the Rhine basin and the main European waterway network. 54m wide and 4.5m deep, this new ‘Vb’ class canal is designed for high-capacity transport (vessels up to 4,400 tons) and will include boat and passenger vessel docks, six locks, a 1,3km long channel bridge, a 14 million m3 capacity reservoir and 4 multimodal port platforms (logistics, industry, tourism etc.) with new railway connections to the existing rail freight network. The entire project complies with sustainability standards and the procedures for “Great Constructions”.


Assistance to the Owner and Project Management Office (PMO)

In partnership with Royal Haskoning DHV, setec is leading the Projejct Management Office (PMO) and assisting the Client for the implementation of the project. This assignment covers the entire project timeframe of 12 years and includes 3 parts:

1.Project Management

- Deadlines, costs, interfaces and risks management with corresponding reports

- Quality, health, safety and environmental management

- Procurement support and contracts management

2.Project controls and supervision

- General and administrative assistance

- Design coordination and supervision of design teams

3.Technical assistance (see also text box opposite)

- Consulting & expertise

- General coordination and supervision of the project, program drafting, follow-up and control

- Support for public relations, waterway logistics and “Great Constructions” procedures

- Guidance during the launching of operations and maintenance


VNF (French Waterways Authority) / SCSNE (Canal Seine-Nord Europe Company)

Key figures

Period of services

May 2015 - Jan. 2027

Key challenges

Areas of technical expertise provided by setec:

- Waterway and port infrastructure

- Hydraulics

- Systems

- Locks

- Bridges

- Operation & maintenance

- Environment