Bas-Clichy in the Paris region is a typical built-up neighborhood. Despite being situated in the town center, the area has major problems due to its lack of a functional center. The decision to launch a regeneration program (“ORCOD”) was based on the inefficiency of the existing buildings, the complexity of the issues involved and the need for significant funds. The French government awarded a contract to EPFIF in 2015 to regenerate real-estate, combat sub-standard housing, rehouse inhabitants, provide social support, update private housing and contribute to urban planning.
ORCOD regeneration programs for rundown apartment buildings
Created by the recent Access to Housing and Urban Renovation (ALUR) Law, ORCAD programs provide a new way for the French government to address the problem of rundown apartment buildings. They enable authorities to intervene at a wider scale than individual apartments and on more aspects, including urban and social issues.


Contracting assistance for defining and implementing the Bas-Clichy urban regeneration program



Key figures

Period of services

June 2016 - June 2018

Key challenges

setec organization is helping EPFIF set up the regulatory framework and the operational approach for this regeneration program, while coordinating the different stakeholders. The building work will be launched once the regeneration contract has been signed.
With the support of Ville en Œuvre and legal experts from DS Avocats, setec organization is working in three main areas:
o Urban scheduling, construction management and coordinating preliminary studies
o Setting up the regeneration project: conducting feasibility studies, developing plans for an urban development zone, defining its scope, and helping EPFIF with naming for the development
o Drafting the multi-year agreement (for the Bas-Clichy/Clichy/ORCOD and Bois du Temple neighborhoods) with ANRU, the French agency for urban regeneration