The Boutferda plant is located on the Oued El Abid stream in Beni Mallal Province, Morocco.

Platinum Power obtained a temporary permit to develop, build and operate the Boutferda hydropower plant. Our consortium was in charge of detailed design and drafting call for tender documents for the entire hydroelectric facility.


The project involved:

  • A concrete intake barrage, approximately 25 m high
  • A watercourse on the right bank composed of an 8.5 km underground passage followed by an overground penstock pipe
  • A power station housing two horizontal Francis turbines with a total installed capacity of 17 MW
  • A 60 kV power line linking to the national grid at a distance of approximately 45 km



setec’s roles included:

- Managing the project

- Making a critical analysis of previous studies

- Defining further surveys, in particular geotechnical and geophysical

- Setting up structures

- Conducting a detailed hydrological survey of the water supply and assessing the ouput from flood discharge

- Defining and optimizing barrage operations, water flow, the water course and the plant

- Carrying out detailed energy modelling

- Producing detailed designs for the supply tunnel, surge chamber, penstock pipe, power plant, hydromechanical and electrical facilities and access

- Managing works scheduling and construction strategy

- Quantity surveying and construction costing

- Operating and maintenance strategy



Key figures

Period of services

July 2014 - February 2017

Key challenges

The field surveys highlighted geological difficulties, as well as difficult access to the plant as initially planned. The semi-arid climate called for an assessment of the water supply and consideration of different scenarios to optimize production. Adaptations were found to overcome these constraints.