Since 2006 and the end of the chikungunya crisis, the Airport of La Réunion Roland Garros (ARRG) records a significant increase in traffic. This phenomenon is amplified by the recent inclusion of the island in World Heritage of UNESCO.

The early 2000s saw little investment on the airport, therefore, the recent growth causes congestion in the terminal and its surroundings but also in the aircraft movement area.

In this context, the operator has launched a series of investments (€ 200 million) over 7 years (2011-2018) to catch up and to allow the platform to accommodate the aircraft Airbus A380 superjumbo.


Planning phase:

  • Synthesis and guidelines: definition of the context, of traffic forecasts, of the major constraints and wishes of the operator.
  • Functional Pre-program: meetings with all stakeholders of the platform (25 interviews) to identify the needs, making a block diagram and a table of surface and a detailed cost estimation scenario.
  • Technical Program: following the validation of the operator's needs, translation of these needs into a technical document for contractors procurement phase.

Project coordination:

  • Analyse engineers design (from the beginning to the execution drawings) and calculation,
  • Follow general planning of the Project,
  • Furnish experts recommendation,
  • Advise airport on any subject related to the works or procurement process.


Key figures

Period of services

Jan. 2011  - Août 2018

Key challenges