setec group has set up a partnership with BulldozAIR, an innovative start-up, to accelerate and promote the digitization of its sites (and more widely, operations involving visit reports, such as diagnostic assignments).
For setec group, this partnership offers numerous benefits: more productive operations, smoother exchanges between different stakeholders and the ability to use consolidated data for other sites. Installed on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, the BulldozAIR app enables users to take notes and photos directly on site. Works managers can access this content in real time and easily see the latest site events, validate notes before they are sent, and so on.

Further, setec’s use of the app will serve as training for partners on different operations (e.g. the construction companies working on the sites managed by setec): recipients of notes created on BulldozAIR can reply through the app, as part of a conversation.

The app also offers more efficient processing and follow-up on observations, by enabling reporting through new/seen/closed/pending notes, etc.
This partnership takes the form of a framework agreement including a subscription for multi-device access to the BulldozAIR app, as well as assistance with implementing the digital transformation of our project sites. It is available to all setec group companies.