setec designs the Bahrain 2035 national strategic plan

The Kingdom of Bahrain, an island state of around 700 km2   consisting mainly of desert, has enjoyed economic prosperity since the 1930s due to its natural abundance of oil and gas.

However, the decline in these resources has driven the government to plan its transition towards a sustainable economy.

The contract awarded to setec (as part of the French consortium led by Expertise France with AREP and EGIS) involves refocusing the country’s development strategy for a consistent nationwide approach, a better quality of life for inhabitants and a more attractive, diversified economy.

The project combined a French vision of urban development with local skills in economic development. A team of residents supported by back-office teams in France audited processes, suggested new management methods and updated development policies in cooperation with the government authorities in charge of implementation at the end of the two-year contract.

setec urban planners offered proactive, innovative solutions to complex, exciting challenges: housing new inhabitants, optimizing existing cities in a context of scarcer real estate and family cohabitation, preserving and enhancing the seafront while preventing it from being completely privatized, protecting the environment and natural resources, and promoting mobility without increasing the impact of road infrastructures.

  • Prime contractor: Expertise France
  • Co-contractors: AREP and EGIS
  • Total fees : €8.4 million