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porte avions charles de gaulleThe renowned aircraft carrier is undergoing a complete renovation makeover 20 years after first setting sail and preparing for another 20 years of performance.

In dry dock since February 2017, it will remain in maintenance until autumn 2018, the time needed to carry out the necessary operations of modernization and the necessary maintenance operations.

A highly complex technical challenge, paired by the large volumes for the setec teams involved who are working on the planning of the works and piloting the tests and trials.


High Stakes for the DCNS and the French Navy

The Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier is 261.5 meters long and 64.36 meters large and can accommodate up to 40 aircrafts. It is powered by two nuclear boilers.

At the mid-life stage of an aircraft carriers life the stakes of this project are twofold: firstly there is the renovation of the command bridge (modernization of the equipment in the combat system, the aviation system and the ships operating system), but also to carry out the general maintenance (OCM) and operations corresponding (such as recharging in nuclear fuel and works below the waterline).

Present during the preparation phase of this mid-life make over, the setec teams (12 employees in all), manage the entire planning of this technical shutdown.


A Technical Challenge and Significant Volumetry

More than 4 million hours of work distributed out between the DCNS, the subcontractors and the personnel of the French Navy, 200 000 tasks to be planned over a period of 18 months, 2000 people mobilized on site…. In addition to the major technical shutdown of the craft, the setec teams have had to manage the huge volumetry before them.

Among the key deliverables: the global coordination, flagship and overall program planning, detailed planning and 15 days before the works a coordination plan for the construction site with support for external interfaces and dockside and sea testing.

Porte avions charles de gaulle

Renovation of the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier in figures

  • 4 million hours of work (of which 2.5 million hours for the works and 1.8 million hours for the design engineering).
  • 200 000 tasks
  • 2 000 people daily on site (1 000 industrialists and 1 100 sailors)
  • 18 months of works
  • 12 setec employees working alongside the DCNS teams throughout the duration of the project.