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tour de contrôle
Control tower – Orly Airport, France

Setec is present in the aeronautics sector due to its support to the French Air Navigation Services. This entity that is attached to the French Civil Aviation Authority is part of the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy which in turn is responsible for services to the air traffic control within National Airspace.

setec, a partner of the French Air Navigation Services

The French Air Navigation Services are now looking to revolutionize air traffic management by introducing communication networks and control systems based on innovative technologies. The complex technical and organizational transitions resulting from this change requires expertise in project management, conduct management and workload management.

Specialized in project management, Planitec, part of the setec group, deploys its operational expertise from start to finish on a wide range of diverse projects.

  • Maintaining portfolio evolutions of the present system
  • Creation and renovation of the air control tower such as the case in Orly airport
  • Acquisition and adaptation of the future air control tower at Charles de Gaulle airport.

Since 2013, setec has proven to be an attentive and committed partner to the French Air Navigation Services. setec skills and flexibility in meeting with clients’ needs ensures success in their projects and the evolving expertise of the project management team. The trust established between the two entities gives hope to the continuation of this collaboration in the future: harmonization of the tools and the working methods, modernization of the management, reinforcement of cyber security and SES.