A major challenge for all companies

Digital revolution, cloud computing, connected buildings and smart services… In this new context, cybersecurity presents a major challenge for companies in every field.

High-profile cyber attacks have become a threat to national interests, given their potential to weaken infrastructures, threaten public service continuity and undermine economic activity at large.

New legal requirements for many setec clients

Faced with these risks, the French government has set up a legal framework to reduce the potential impact on critical activities.

In particular, the regulation defines operators of critical infrastructure in various sectors that make up setec’s core business, including general government, energy, transport, water management, manufacturing and defence.

As part of the Military Planning Law, the first details issued in mid-2016 require operators of critical infrastructure to protect their critical IT systems with a satisfactory level of security. Similar regulations will come into effect throughout Europe in 2018.

Outside this legal framework, the global trend is towards reinforcing industrial information systems and infrastructure management systems in every field, especially construction and transportation.

A specific setec offering to meet these new challenges

Reinforcing IT security requires skills in a wide range of areas: not only cybersecurity and IT infrastructure project management, but also specific operational information systems (critical industrial facilities) for transportation, water and building management.

setec teams offer this combination of skills.

In the first SETEC in-house innovation competition, CyberDefense, a cybersecurity solution for critical industrial facilities, was presented by Rémi Crozet and Rémi Bouju and selected by setec group for further development.