The setec group gathers approximately 2400 employees divided up over more than 40 companies in France and abroad.

Choosing to organise the group into relatively small companies fosters team responsibility and motivation as well as allowing for direct contact with clients.

The various companies, each specialising in a different profession or area of business, pool their expert knowledge for the purposes of cross-functional projects.

setec companies in France

diadès is specialised in the diagnosis of structures, focusing mainly on: engineering diagnostics, maintenance, the planning of repair works and sustainability of structures, consulting, training and support with public and private contracting authorities, research through authorized agencies in the areas of maintenance, sustainability of structures and forensic engineering.  –  Phone : +33 4 42 12 41 30

 (laboratoire d’études et de recherche sur les matériaux)
The lerm tests and characterises construction materials, diagnoses and studies damage to all structures, buildings, built heritage and waste, both on site and in the laboratory. –  Phone :  +33 4 86 52 65 00


planitec is specialized  in project management. With over 45 years of experience, its 300 consultants are proud to provide and implement solutions for effective project steering.
planitec works in major industrial fields in France and all over the world, on many highly complex technical and structural projects. –  Phone : +33 1 82 51 50 50

planitec btp

For 40 years, planitec btp has been providing its management expertise in Project Scheduling, Construction Management and Coordination on major building and infrastructure projects. –  Phone : +33 1 82 51 50 00


serige provides engineering  services in the fields of  industrial  and tertiary buildings, ranging from consulting and expertise through to design and construction supervision. Located in Toulouse (south of France), the company is specialized in aeronautics. – Phone : +33 5 62 20 18 28


setec als
setec als is involved in the field of major transport infrastructure projects, civil engineering, environment and landscape.

 Phone : +33 4 27 85 48 10


setec bâtiment

setec bâtiment is a reference company in the field of building engineering with a high added value, providing services in building design, construction supervision or technical assistance to owners. setec bâtiment also comprises a special branch, praxice, dedicated to environmental design and energy efficiency. –  Phone : +33 1 82 51 63 04

setec énergie environnement

setec énergie environnement supports public and private stakeholders in addressing the challenges of energy and environmental transition. Its strategy is based on innovation and a systemic approach between energy and environment.

Phone :  +33 1 82 51 55 55

setec ferroviaire

setec ferroviaire has created its own niche in the railway infrastructures market, addressing all aspects of project management for the construction of new high-speed lines and updating or redevelopmentof existing railway lines.

 Phone : +33 1 82 51 67 60



setec gl ingénierie 
setec gl ingénierie is involved in the fields of design, project  management and economy for both private and public buildings. setec gl ingénierie is present in the south-east of France with 4 local offices in Nice, Lyon, Marseille and in the Alps. It is active on a national level in the hotel and luxury housing industries. –  Phone : +33 4 93 21 00 27

setec hydratec
setec hydratec is an hydraulic engineering company with all-round skills in water and wetlands, that was created in 1974. From the outset, it has combined expertise and consulting services with design and construction management. –  Phone :  +33 1 82 51 64 02


setec international
The areas in which setec international operates are primarily transport economics, design and construction supervision for linear infrastructures, environment protection, design and construction supervision of ports and airports. –  Phone : +33 4 86 15 60 00

setec in vivo

setec in vivo is an engineering company specializing in coastline and marine environment expertise.

 Phone : +33 1 82 51 55 55

setec IPMC

setec IPMC (Innovation, Project Management & Consulting) is a consulting firm focusing on excellence in product and services development, complex project management and systems engineering performance.

 Phone : +33 1 82 51 43 00

setec is

The aim of setec is is to extend the type of independent multi-disciplinary engineering services proposed by the setec group to information sciences.  In combining its own skills with those of independent companies, IT.CAL and  SagaTel, setec is relies on 30 years of experience in consulting and project management for major clients in the public and private sectors. –  Phone : +33 1 82 51 51 00

setec its

setec its is a major player in mobility engineering projects combining new technologies and transportion systems. It assists its clients at all stages, from strategic project development studies to implementation and operating support, including system design and implementation.

 Phone : +33 1 82 51 57 12

setec organisation
With over 40 years of experience as consultant and technical advisor to project owners, setec organisation is specialized in project management and owners’ assistance, for major projects in urban planning, building and transport infrastructures. –  Phone : +33 1 82 51 67 00


setec smart efficiency
setec smart efficiency was created in 2014 to develop engineering solutions improving the energy efficiency of complex building. –  Phone : +33 1 82 51 45 34

setec tpi

The core of the activities of setec tpi is to provide the full range of services including upstream studies, assistance and technical advice for project owners, design and construction supervision, expert assessments and support to contractors for major public works infrastructures and industrial facilities. –  Phone : +33 1 82 51 62 89


Since 1975, sotec mainly provides design services for railway infrastructure.

Phone : +33 3 83 35 55 25


terrasol is a recognised leader in the area of geotechnical consulting in France and abroad. The company performs geotechnical engineering and design of major projects, detailed design and expertises on specific geotechnical aspects of works, development and marketing of geotechnical software, leading-edge tools in combination with advanced digital modelling. –  Phone : +33 1 82 51 52 00


setec companies abroad

setec Monaco
setec monaco is the monegasque subsidiary of the setec group.

 Phone : 00377 97 77 25 19

Planitec Gmbh

Established in 2014, Planitec Gmbh is based in Saarbrücken (Germany) and also has a branch in Hamburg. The company is specialized in project management (PMO) dedicated to industrial projects and ensures project management training courses: cost and time control, risk and opportunity management, reporting.

Phone : 0049 (0) 152 12 399 275

viziterv consult
viziterv consult is a Hungarian engineering company, created in 1996, that specialises in water and wetlands. –  Phone : 00 36 1 384 42 24

setec inginiring
setec inginiring, a Russian company and subsidiary of the setec group, was created in 2007 when the group had been working in Russia for 10 years. It is an engineering company which works as technical design and construction supervisor in the building and transport sectors. –  Phone : 007 495 580 90 47


setec Canada Inc. 

The setec group is based in Canada since 2013 with its branch setec Canada Inc. involved in the Quebec tramway project and the Montreal Airport LRT (light rail transit) linking the airport to the center of Montreal. The setec Canada Inc. teams provide engineering services for all the stages of railway, road and urban transport projects, from concept design up to commissioning, including operation studies and maintenance programs for new lines and existing networks coprising metro, tramway and rapid bus transit (BRT) systems. The branch also represents the full range of the setec group activities in North Amercia.

Phone :  (001) 514-578-1336


setec hidrobrasileira (Brazil)
setec hidrobrasileira, a Brazilian company and subsidiary of the setec group, is an offshoot from a well-known Brazilian engineering company founded in 1954. The company currently works as design and construction supervisor or owner’s technical advisor in a wide variety of sectors  (transport systems and infrastructures, sanitation, hydraulics, mining, energy, the environment…). –  Phone :  00 55 115081-9908

setec mis
setec mis is a fully exporting company in the infrastructures field. Technical studies and consulting are the main services it provides.

Phone : 00 216 71 772 385 /387

bmci (Bureau Méditérranéen de Conseil et d’Ingénierie) is a consulting-engineering company.

Phone : 00 216 71 755 577

setec MTP 

Established in 2005, setec MTP is an engineering company based in Tunisia and specialized in large-scale infrastructure projects. Principally export-orientated, the company provides design services for major industrial facilities, transport infrastructures, marine structures and complex buildings throughout the globe.

Phone : 00 216 71 755 577


setec Egypte (Egypt)

Based in Cairo since 2004, setec Egypte (formerly named FCBM) comprises a permanent staff of 40 engineers and technicians with proven management experience and multi-disciplinary expertise in complete design of civil works, viaducts, transport systems and buildings. –  Phone : 0020 22 41 78 706 / 7

Maroc setec
maroc setec, a Moroccan company and subsidiary of the setec group, was created on January 1st 1978. It carries out technical and economic studies in various areas of engineering.

Phone : 00 212 537 77 78 20

semartec is setec énergie environnement’s subsiadiary in Morocco –  Phone :  00 212 529 03 64 03

setec Infrastructure Afrique (ia)  (Senegal)
setec ia is a consulting-engineering company specialising in all stages of the design and construction supervision of transport infrastructure projects.

Phone :  00 221 70 644 88 20

setec Infra Gabon

setec Infra Gabon is a setec branch dedicated to transport infrastructure projects in Central Africa, in particular in Gabon. The company provides engineering services in design, construction supervision, assistance to owners and project management for transport systems and infrastructures. setec Infra Gabon was created in 2013 within the framework of the Port-Gentil international airport project, for which setec provided assistance to the owner, as well as design and construction supervision services.

Phone : 00 241 07 150 080 /
00 241 01 722 919

setec Côte d’Ivoire

setec Côte d’Ivoire offers its clients a wide range of engineering services; expertise, design and project management services in the field of transportation systems and infrastructures (road, rail, metro, tramway and BRT). The company also provides expertise in waterway, port and airport projects, as well as complex buildings, urban planning, industry, energy and sustainable development.

Phone : 00 225 22 44 15 46

setec ITS Macau Branch 
(China, Macau special administrative region)

setec established a branch in Macau in 2009 for the Macau Light Rail Transit (LRT) project. The scope of services provided by the branch includes Project Management Services (Quality Management, Document Control, Planning) and Technical Engineering Services in the field of Urban Transport and Mobility Services. 

Phone : 00 853 8599 9210


setec tpi Greece

setec created a branch in Greece in 2008. It was established in Athenes (setec tpi) for the project of the Olympia Odos highway, connecting the cities of Corinth, Elefsina, Patras, Pyrgos and Tsakona in the Peloponnese peninsula. Setec tpi Greece acts as an Independant Engineer on this highway project. This branch represents the overall activities of the setec group, especially activities by setec tpi.

Adress : ​P.O. Box 30020
Sea Aspropyrgos
Attiki Odos
Aspropyrgos 19300

Phone : ​00 30 210 55 97 513


setec CH 

setec established in Switzerland and created a branch belonging to setec tpi under the name of setec CH. This branch offers engineering services on behalf of the CERN on the Hilumi project in Meyrin.

Adress : Route de Pré-Bois 20
c/o Accounting & Management Services SA
CH-1215 Genève


setec tpi KSA 

Adress : Branch of Foreign Consultants
Incorporated Co.
Al Jumaiah Tower

Phone : 00 966 (0) 11 26 31 769