“What has brought us together since the creation of setec?

It’s the pleasure of doing a good job; of designing useful, smart, elegant and environmentally friendly projects.”

Michel Kahan, President of the setec group


Michel Kahan, President of the setec group
Michel Kahan, President of the setec group

2019 was a good year for the setec group, with a turnover of € 330M, up 10% compared to 2018.

It was also the year of mobilization with the launch of the Engineers & Citizens campaign, the signing of the Syntec-Engineering charter for the climate and the “Engineers Declare” movement, alongside numerous consulting offices around the world that have acknowledged the climate and biodiversity emergency declaration and at the end of the year, the definition of a “reason to be” (raison d’être).


What meaning would you give to this growth and this general mobilization?


Growth is a good sign for the group and we are delighted.

Our sector is flourishing, particularly in France, with beautiful projects, such as the Grand Paris Express, a project which, it must be emphasized, will have a tremendous impact on Parisian suburbia residents by 2025. Also, the Seine-Nord Europe canal, the Lyon-Turin rail link, as well as internationally, the London-Birmingham high-speed line, consulting engineers on the Bogotá metro which was assigned to setec and its partners in early 2019, the first electrified railway line in West Africa, the Dakar TER and the Abidjan metro are only a few of the projects to be mentioned.

There are so many projects of public interest, in which, is expressed, the sense of engineering by the realization of studies and works as well as by their added value for all citizens.

Of course, the realization of construction works is not our only interest today.

We devote a lot of energy in restoring the existing for a better use.

Today Setec is well positioned in the renewing of our rail network.

We are restoring high-rise buildings, and among them, the Montparnasse Tower in Paris. We are making them more ethical in terms of energy consumption; we transform their use, as we are currently doing so for the Bourse du Commerce also in Paris. On another scale, we are thinking about the future of motorways around Paris, anticipating the widespread use of electric, autonomous or shared vehicles, to resilient structures that will help us to cope with climatic changes, in particular on works for the regulation of the River Seine.

We have a responsibility to our planet. Taking concrete action, collectively, to help preserve it is a major concern, for all our employees.


2019 was a year of global awareness of the climate emergency. Our collaborators have strongly expressed this.


The “Engineers & Citizens” approach summarizes our attitude in the daily exercise of our activity, both as citizens, concerned with the preserving of our most precious common good: our planet and as engineers, capable of proposing solutions and transforming them into concrete projects.

These are reflected in the genuine commitments made by the group at the end of 2019, through simple actions to be put into place quickly, and through long-term challenges, linked to the impact of our projects.

We wanted to be in line with the resolutions made by the profession, by signing the Engineers Declare charter, the first conference which was held at setec and the commitments made by Syntec Engineering.

This all led to an in-depth reflection on our role as engineers, we interviewed our employees, we brought together all our directors, to reflect on our responsibility and our values.

From these long discussions was born the expression of our purpose (“reason to be”):


“Setec, expert engineering, creator of sustainable and innovative solutions coping with major transitions. Committed, honest and responsible women and men. They perform professionally on a human scale, in a spirit of sharing and over (throughout) time. Mastering the complexity and increasing requirements of our environment, they are at the service (heart?) of the success of each project”.


This reason for being, we wanted it timeless, authentic and faithful to the vocation that has always been ours. Indeed, since our establishment in 1957, we participated in the realization of major works in France and abroad.

What is changing today is the primo priority of saving the planet and a paradigm shift from always doing more to always doing better.


What keeps us together is the pleasure of a job well done, the design of useful, intelligent, elegant and environmentally friendly projects. We rely on strong technical expertise to advocate sustainable solutions to complex problems, to reduce the carbon impact of our projects, to develop a circular economy, to innovate, to think of energy efficiency and resilience.


Our clients and partners come to us for this expertise. It is an everyday requirement, which we have, and which is expected of us.

Our organization, with no excessive hierarchy, and our independence allow us to give our employees the chance to express themselves with their talents and to innovate in the face of major transitions.

If this challenge tempts you, you will see that by coming aboard, you will enjoy the ride!