The Republic of Guinea owns some of the best bauxite and iron ore ressources in the world. There are many projects aimed at exploiting these mines, most of them requiring a railway and a port. The objective of the assignment is to guide the Government on understanding, laying out and deciding among relevant options to develop mining ancillary infrastructure.   The project includes:

  • the development of a rail & port infrastructure master plan,
  • policy and regulatory reform advice for PPPs in mining ancillary infrastructure development
  • capacity building


Setec’s produced inputs in the following areas :

  • Diagnosis and spatial data analysis,
  • Definition of route scenarios and transport infrastructure capacity,
  • Key railway infrastructure characteristics,
  • Detailed mapping of the most relevant options.

Moreover, Setec trained Guinean staff for transport planning, traffic studies and socio-economic evaluation of infrastructure projects.



Key figures

Total amount of the project: 

46 000 000 000 €

Period of services

From november 2012 to march 2014

Key challenges

Technical, policy, financial, and strategic support to the Government of Guinea