The Mobility Challenge, organised by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes région, promotes alternatives to using your own car, in order to encourage environmentally friendly habits, mobility and road safety. This year marked the 12th edition of the Challenge, on the theme of cycling. The award ceremony took place on the 2nd of June at the Hôtel de Région, in Lyon: 2,417 establishments with 85,000 employees were registered for this year’s Challenge. Of these, 21,040 employees tried out a new means of travel: 25% by bicycle, 24% by public transport, 14% by carpooling and 18% by remote working.

We would like to congratulate the setec employees in Lyon who won the Challenge prize in the “Metropolis” category. The opening of the ceremony was followed by a round table discussion on the theme: ” Ways and means to develop the use of bicycles within a Mobility Plan “. The environmental impact of the Challenge meant that 72 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 11,024 hours of traffic jams were avoided. This is also equal to 32 trips around the world or 372 times the distance of the “Tour de France”.

It was the third time that our 300 employees based in Lyon participated in the challenge. This new participation is in line with our Engineers and Citizens campaign, which aims to promote alternative means of mobility, particularly cycling. It also coincides with the launch of the group’s Mobility Plan.

In addition to this action, employees were offered the opportunity to have their bicycles serviced by a rehabilitation association offering safety measures: “Les ateliers de l’Audace”.  The workshop was completely full with 50 bikes.  This made it possible to create an exchange and a link between our employees and the people employed by the association.

It was therefore a triumph: the participation of more than 90% of the employees in the Challenge, the majority on bikes, the safety of the employees’ bicycles and the creation of a bond with the association “Les ateliers des audaces”.  An action linked to our Engineers and Citizens approach which was a great success!

We are already looking forward to the 2023 challenge in Lyon and why not even go further, with the ambition of bringing this initiative to other setec sites as part of the mobility plan!