The setec group is working on numerous projects in Africa, including the fourth Abidjan Bridge in the Ivory Coast, the Bimbo Bridge in the Central African Republic, the Laâyoune Bridge in Morocco, the Rosso Bridge between Mauritania and Senegal, and rehabilitation projects in the Congo.

A number of our projects in Africa have been achieved thanks to Mr Jean-Bernard Datry’s constant attention to infrastructure development over the past few years.

Thomas Julien, Aymeric Perret Du Cray, Marco La Sala, and Julien Tanant, Engineers at setec tpi and Jean-Pierre Dupacq, General Manager of setec Afrique tell us more.

The Bimbo Bridge

The Bimbo Bridge, which is about 180 m long, is a concrete girder bridge with 9 spans and 8 piers, 4 of which are in the minor bed of the M’Poko River. This bridge is currently the only way to cross the river from Bangui westward, the country’s capital, and has only one lane of traffic.
The consortium setec tpi/setec Afrique was asked by Expertise France, a public agency for the design and implementation of international technical cooperation projects, to design a new structure that would provide a safe, uninterrupted crossing on this major route for the region. The studies resulted in a 190 m long pre-stressed concrete structure that runs parallel to the existing structure and blends harmoniously into the landscape. The studies for the works, carried out in collaboration with the Lavigne-Chéron architectural firm, were completed in December 2021 and a contract for the works could be awarded as early as 2023.
The advantage of this design is that it is economical and uses local resources. setec tpi, setec Afrique, hydratec, setec international, terrasol have once again collaborated to carry out this mission.


Le Pont de Bimbo


The 4th bridge in Abidjan:

The 4th bridge in Abidjan is a project financed by the African Development Bank. This is one of the largest urban planning operations underway in the country.
It is part of a vast project to reinforce transport infrastructure designed to reduce urban congestion in the country’s economic capital and includes the construction of a 7.2 km-long expressway linking the commune of Yopougon to the Plateau.
The Banco Bay crossing structures will be extended by a slab bridge over one kilometre long. The consortium setec tpi / setec Ivory Coast / setec International / Terrabo Ingénieur Conseil / STUDI International oversees the execution control mission. setec also carried out the studies for the widening of certain shoulders to accommodate an exclusive bus lane.
Under the supervision of setec this operation allows the French engineering company to extend its influence on the African continent and to export skills to the African subsidiaries in the fields of prestressed concrete and deep foundations.


Le 4ème pont d’Abidjan ©setec tpi


The Rosso Bridge:

The Rosso Bridge is located between Mauritania and Senegal. This 9 km long road project includes 3 engineering structures for a total length of 1,461m.  setec tpi and setec international are working on the control and supervision of the construction works in a consortium with STUDI International and SACI. The execution studies are underway and the first piles should be drilled shortly.