The Transgabonais railway line is a single track line connecting the port of Owendo (Libreville) to Franceville and Moanda Merchandise. It was built between the 1970s and the 1990s in two sections: Owendo-Booué and Booué-Franceville. Commissioning of the line was progressive, the first section (Owendo-Ndjole) in 1978, the second section (Ndjole-Booué) in 1981 and the last section (Booué-Franceville) in 1986. As part of the Transgabonais infrastructure upgrading program, SETRAG wanted expertise in all the zones considered unstable from Owendo to Franceville, with the following objectives: The delimitation of unstable areas, the advocacy of consolidation solutions and the methodology for carrying out the work.


  • Field mission for a period of three months
  • Two months office work in the country of the Consultant
  • Two months validation exchange with SETRAG
  • Delimitation of unstable areas
  • Advocate consolidation solutions
  • Methodology for carrying out the work and the possible implications for SETRAG’s operating plan
  • Development of tender documentation for the execution of works
  • Validation tender documents



Key figures

Period of services

From may to december 2017

Key challenges

Diagnosis and recommendation of solutions for consolidation of unstable areas