As part of its new public service contract for operating the Bayet incinceration plant in central France, Lucane, a subsidiary of Veolia, intends to carry out modernization work to improve its energy performance:

– Updating the flue gas treatment system (switching to dry processing)

– Implementing further heat recovery from the fumes

Bayet manages around 55,000 tons of household waste annually and is the only plant to process hospital waste in the Allier area, which puts considerable pressure on availability.


This modernisation project mainly involves:

- Implementing a dry processing system, with a storage/mixing system, radiant heat transport shafts and updated regulation

- Stopping the scrubbers also implies updating the downstream equipment: chimney, shafts and analysers

- Introducing flue-gas energy recovery to preheat feed water


setec  is assisting Veolia in the following areas:

- Validating and updating the feasibility study

- Drafting bid documents (excluding administrative documents) for three packages: analysers, processes and dismantling

- Following up the bid process, analysing candidates and conducting negotiations

- Following up construction design work

- Supervising construction work

- Monitoring comissioning and performance testing



Key figures

Period of services

September 2016 – December 2017

Key challenges

Project highlights include:

- An ambitious goal of limiting work stoppages to process solid medical waste, requiring careful batch management and significant human resources

- The introduction of an innovative system for processing fumes with pre-crushed sodium bicarbonate, implying specific constraints for the storage tank