The 800 km axis connecting Conakry to Kourémalé (at the Mali border), crosses Guinea from west to east making it the principal road toward the inland and neighbouring landlocked countries. This assignment was for a major section of the axis running from Conakry to Dabola extending over 400 km which the government planned as a toll motorway. This project allowed Guinea to improve the access and transportation between Conakry, the eastern part of the country, to the landlocked neighbouring countries, in particular Mali. During the project a significant problem, situated in the extreme southern part of Conakry and Coyah, became apparent, which was an urban and suburban zone with extreme congestion caused by the configuration of a narrow peninsula in Conakry aggravated by a large number of automobile, taxis, minibuses and pedestrians which considerably reduced the capacity of the existing roads.


The following services were carried out :

  • Site visits
  • Technical and functional analysis
  • Proposed scenarios for both the motorway and the mainline toll barrier
  • Technical development of the scenarios, in particular the urban section
  • Traffic and revenue studies
  • 30-year traffic forecast
  • Economic and financial reporting regarding the different scenarios.

In addition, within this assignment the road counts and origin / destination surveys were carried out on-site.



Key figures

Period of services

From september 2016 to february 2017

Key challenges

Pre-Feasibility Study