Among the upcoming highest towers in Africa, Tower F (over 400 metres high), which was designed by Pierre Fakhoury, is currently under construction. It is located in the Plateau district, in the heart of Abidjan’s administrative centre, home to the President of the Republic. A symbol of renewal for this neighbourhood, which represents an African mask.
After conducting the execution studies for the foundations of the Mohammed VI Tower in Rabat (250 metres high) in 2019, Terrasol conducted the same types of studies for the design of the foundation system for the F Tower, for Spie Batignolles fondations and for Besix, with whom we had previously collaborated. The tower will rest on a set of 70 injected tip bars, of over 60 m deep.
Its footprint resembles a pentagon inscribed in a 60 m diameter circle. A 2.5 to 3.5 m thick invert ensures the transfer of weight from the tower to the foundations. The design of its deep foundations have combined wind tunnel studies of the structure, pile loading tests and soil-structure interaction calculations. “In terms of height, this tower is equivalent to two Montparnasse towers stacked together” says Sébastien Burlon, Director of Studies at Terrasol, “Designing such a building requires specific foundations to meet the constraints of support and settlement capacity. We carried out all of the execution notes for the tower’s foundation system on behalf of Spie Batignolles fondations”. The tower also meets all current environmental criteria.