Construction is one of the sectors with the highest CO2 emissions. To limit global warming, we must reduce these emissions at every level. From our choice of materials and energy supplies to how and where we design structures, organize building sites or analyze consumption and needs, a low-carbon approach presents challenges across the board. setec‘s mission is to minimize carbon emissions throughout the life cycle of its projects, from building and operations to the end of life, by systematically proposing green alternatives from the design phase and calculating the carbon savings.


Offering opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, wood construction can help France achieve its target of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Hyperion Tower in Bordeaux is one of France’s first high-rise wooden buildings, with an exemplary carbon footprint. setec teams handled the construction design for this 57-meter tall tower composed of cross-laminated timber (CLT) floors, glued laminated timber peripheral beams and a timber-frame façade. Halving the duration of structural work by assembling 1,500 factory-made parts, Hyperion has received numerous awards, including the Grand Prix Régional Nouvelle Aquitaine, the Prix de la Mixité Urbaine des Pyramides d’Argent, the Grand Prix National des Pyramides d’Or 2019 and the BIM d’Or 2019.

CLIENT: Eiffage Construction Nord Aquitaine

OWNER: Eiffage Immobilier Sud-Ouest

DESIGNERS: Jean-Paul Viguier and Terrell

ARCHITECT: Jean-Paul Viguier