On october 22nd 2019, Engineers Declare, a group of actors from the building and civil engineering sectors, had their first conference at setec. Their goal is to give concrete answers to the major environmental stakes society must face.

Numerous environmental issues inherent to the engineering sector were mentioned, such as the decrease of our carbon footprint, the fall in the non-renewable energies consumption, or otherwise waste treatment.

Engineers Declare’s mission is to bring to society what it needs, without crossing the environmental boundaries of our planet. According to them, the building sector actors have a crucial role to play on this problematic, especially  given the massive carbon footprint of the sector (30% of the greenhouse gas emission in France).

Among the speakers, Ingrid Bertin (setec tpi), mentioned the theme of circular economy at the service of tomorrow’s engineering. Setec is currently working on what this type of economy might bring to the sector, especially when it comes to reusing resources. The decrease of the carbon footprint on one hand and in the use of non-renewable resources on the other hand are backbones to the solving of the environmental problematics we are facing.

Engineers Declare actors, including setec, are in a permanent quest of searching how to solve the many environmental challenges of our time. Numerous solutions were brought, among them the proposal of a mass balance and an energy balance at the end of every project, in order to optimise the use of resources in the next plans.